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We offer a variety of supplies and equipment, and provide dental practices with services such as marketing, support, consulting, financial and more! Get everything you need to keep your practice up and running from Benco Dental. Stay up-to-date with the latest technology. We offer a full-range of services for your dental practice. Focus more on dentistry, and let us handle the rest!

So, I set up a meeting to discuss supplies, and saw how easy it is to use Painless ordering system which is second to none. I became a Benco customer back in or and have not had one day of regret!

Create Account Easy Reorder. We have it all — shop from over thirty supply categories online! Fully-equipped showrooms where you can test-drive equipment to see what's the right fit for your practice. Equipment support reps across the U. Distribution centers strategically located across the U. Net promoter score measures customer experience. Our customers have given us an excellent rank of Customers rely on Benco for their dentistry needs.Profile Details, Contacts, Trade Offers.

All information about distributors and importers of Dental Care Products. Who are the Dental Care Products Distributors?

distributor dental

Dental Care Products Distributors are companies that import and distribute products for dental care. Usually distributors purchase dental care products directly from local or international manufacturers on a wholesale basis.

Then imported products are distributed via retail stores or wholesale distribution centers. Each distributor of dental care products has special agreement with supplier regarding the distribution procedure, conditions and distribution markets.

Dealing with international suppliers of Oral Care Products on a tender basis. Profile: Import and distribution of Oral Care Products. Distribution Market: Retail. Trade Activities: International, local. Importers and distributors group of dental replacement Brush-heads located in North America. Dealing with international suppliers of dental Brush-heads. Profile: Import and distribution of dental replacement Brush-heads.

Distribution Market: Retail, Wholesale. Dealing with international suppliers of Oral Care Systems. Profile: Import and distribution of Oral Care Systems.

Dental Care Products Distributors

Dealing with international suppliers of Whitening Kits. Profile: Import and distribution of Whitening Kits. Importers and distributors group of Denture Care located in Japan. Dealing with international suppliers of Denture Care Products. Profile: Import and distribution of Denture Care Products.

Importers and distributors group of Toothbrushes located in Russia. Dealing with international suppliers of Toothbrushes.We work everyday by and for your oral health, with high-quality products and personalised attention.

To provide dental health professionals with leading-edge relevant products so as to ensure an efficient and good development of their work. We value your privacy. We never send you spam or pass your information to third parties.

Quality Policy Statement. We offer the best assistance and service you can imagine. Contact us if you have any questions and our specialized team will respond. We care that your business and professionalism meet your goal! Dental manufacturer, Dental gypsum, Dental Stone models, Dental plaster models, Filling materials, Dental composite, Dental bond, Dental cement, Dental amalgam, Amalgam capsules, dental A silicone, dental C silicone, Dental laboratory silicone.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you accept our use of cookies. The contents of www. In compliance with the current legislation, I declare under my sole responsibility that I am a dental professional. Click if you agree I do not agree. Previous Next. We distribute our dental products to more than twenty countries spread over 5 continents. Not only to satisfy the needs of our customers but to be even above their expectations.

Read more about madespa. Our product of the month …. Increased curing depth increment thickness 4mm. Ideal for working minimally invasively. View ventura bulkfill flow.

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distributor dental

Any questions or questions Keywords Dental manufacturer, Dental gypsum, Dental Stone models, Dental plaster models, Filling materials, Dental composite, Dental bond, Dental cement, Dental amalgam, Amalgam capsules, dental A silicone, dental C silicone, Dental laboratory silicone. See cookies policy OK.We get many phone calls from people interested in selling Open Dental in one form or another.

We directly provide our customers with software and updates and support. We do not provide the compiled version of Open Dental to others who only want to resell it and provide support.

However, under the GPL Licenseanyone is allowed and encouraged to distribute package, sell, and support the software themselves. We understand that our license is unique, yet believe this choice and availability greatly benefit the dental community.

We firmly believe that open software is the only viable long-term solution for the dental software industry. Ten years from now, we hope these policies have resulted in worldwide acceptance of Open Dental as the dental software standard. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please start by reading the Open Source License information on Programming Resources. Then read this page, which should answer the remainder of your questions.

Please enable JavaScript to view it. Suppliers and Consultants in the Dental Industry If you are a supplier or consultant to those in the dental industry, and have customers who would benefit from Open Dental, please refer them to us for the purchase of software support.

This includes:.

Manufacturer and distributor of dental products MADESPA, S.A.

The customer would contact us for software and support, but contact you for other services. For installation issues, we can work together to make it easier for the customer. Distributors All Distributors:. Distribute Only If your customers don't need or want support, you can package and sell the software yourself.

This requires programming experience. An installation program is not included in the source code. See Programming Resources. Distribute and Support If you are very experienced with dental software, you can package, sell, and support Open Dental customers yourself.

To make this profitable, you should have at least a few dozen customers so you can roll it into a package deal. Support Option: Your users will need help installing and using the software. They may have complicated questions about how features work or how to get the most out of the software. You can sign up for a support contract with us in case you run into a difficult question you can not answer.

The contract will cost you the same as a single dentist office. See Fees for Software and Support. We will provide a reasonable level of support to you, but will not have direct communication with any of your customers. They are your responsibility, not ours. We are very open to this type of relationship, so don't worry about us trying to compete with you. We will respect your customer relationships and never try to take customers from you. Keep in mind some users may call us on their own, we may not be aware of your relationship with them, and we may inadvertently try to sign them up.

It is important to answer the phone and to return messages promptly. Foreign Countries Because of time zone and language differences, we are not able to provide extensive support to dental offices in many Foreign Countries.

We are expecting local software developers to distribute and support Open Dental themselves. Support Options: As described in Distribute and Support above, you can sign up for support with us, then in turn support your local customers.

If providing support yourself seems too hard, we can provide direct support to the dental offices, but it may mostly be via email or during our daytime hours. We try to do the best we can for foreign countries, so if the office has purchased support from us, we can work directly with you to resolve issues faster.

Eventually we will extend our telephone support to 24 hour service, but that will not solve language problems or the local laws and regulations that will hinder us. See Contact Us for our hours of operation. Counting Users If you become a distributor, we would love to know how many copies are going out so that we can have an idea of how many users there are.Dentistry is always practiced with help of specifically made sophisticated instruments and tools by skilled dentists.

One of them is drill, which is known to be the earliest dental tool that came into existence in BC. Since then, many inventions have been done including the mechanical dental foot engine by John Greenwood in to the ones that dentists use now. To become dental instruments' distributor, click on "Send Inquiry". City : Uttar Pradesh. Investment Required : Rs. City : Maharashtra. Search for Business Opportunities. Distributors Search. Investment Range Rs.

Companies looking for Distributors. Companies want to become Distributors. How soon can start Less than 3 months 3 - 6 months 6 - 12 months. I agree to abide by all the Terms and Conditions. Filter by City. Send Inquiry. Products Offering : Medical dental equipment, plass, disk articulatory, half round, single plump City : Uttar Pradesh.

Shivam Industries. Free Advice - Ask Our Experts. Sharma Pharmaceutical Pvt. Den Tex Store.Is your equipment or handpiece on the fritz? Call on one of our service technicians or send your products in for repair.

Does your office need a facelift or are you in the market for a brand new facility? Our in-house design team can help make those dreams a reality.

Looking for solutions to elevate your practice? Our success services partners can provide you with financial planning, practice valuation, peer-to-peer learning and much more.

Tired of cumbersome ordering methods? This innovative and easy-to-use program can be downloaded to your computer, iPhone or accessed online. These are just a few of the ways Benco Dental is growing different. Click through the links to learn how partnering with Benco Dental can help you do the same. Benco Dental is more than just supplies we offer a range of specialty services. Address where you need Service:.

Email Address:.

distributor dental

Contact Name:. Contact Phone Number:. Account Number:. PO If required :. Office Phone:. What is the type of equipment you are having problems with and the mfg name if you know it :. What is the problem you are having? Is there anything else you think we should know?For additional information, review our FAQs. Track your order status. View your latest statement. Date: login. Make a Payment.

Promotions in your product history. Dental equipment. Thank You! Password Forgot password. Don't have an account? Log In. Ask an Expert. Enter Activation Code. Darby is here to help our customers and medical community navigate the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus COVID We are working diligently to make sure that the products you need are available when you need them.

Benco Dental is more than just supplies

For an official company statement, click here. Sunday, April 12, Swiper button Previous Button to swipe previous. Swiper button Next Button to swipe Next. Preferred Partners.

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