Graceland whump

Sorry it's not long, I find sick fics difficult. I'll write another one that's better later. Hope you like it, guys. Didn't believe it, but How're you feeling? One time you woke up and punched Johnny in his face. Didn't hurt him, except maybe his pride. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Graceland. Basically, a series of one-shots about hurt! Involved will be shooting, stabbing, kidnapping, etc. Mainly will be Mike and Paul, but others will be included.

The coughs echoed down the hallway. That you? Just stay away from me with that cough. I don't need to be getting sick. She reached out, placing her hand on his forehead. I'm going to get you some water. Stay there. The next time he woke, his face was wet, his pillow damp, and his eyes heavy. The wet cloth on his forehead cold and moist.

He managed to open them when he heard a sound to his right. Mike groaned in response.

Mike Warren

Feeling better? Mike sighed before quietly relenting, "Yeah. I feel better. Shot 2. Kidnapped 3. Sick 4. Poisoned 5. Comfort 6. Drowned 7. Fire 8. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.The Wife and I saddled up in the rental car and headed for Graceland ….

The Rock-N-Roll Cafe was a nice little joint….

New Arrivals

We ordered…. The Wife went with a cheese burger…. This little un-assuming samich was pretty darn good…. I found my lip curling up and I really wanted to kneel on the floor and throw both my hands in the air….

After breakfast we headed to the Graceland parking lot and no sooner had we bought our parking pass than the bottom dropped out and we sat in the car deciding on what to do…. We finally waded in and bought our tickets…. We really enjoyed the tour of the house…. We bought a couple of things at Graceland but as you can imagine they mark everything up…. Home About.

Cinnamon Roll Whump — Carnival Row s01e01

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graceland whump

Read More. Roswell 1. Oh my! Is it Auggie?! I love Auggie! Home Ask Whump Profiles Submit. Whumps a daisy Give me requests for a character and I'll make a whump profile where I state each time said character has been hurt physically! Search Posts. Mar 8, pm 11 notes. Stephen Jameson, the Tomorrow People, as requested by anonymous Season 1 Episode 1: Has difficulty controlling his powers not painful but could be considered whump and experiences the pain caused by trying to kill someone.

Episode 9: He gets John to kill him for information from his father, and they have trouble reviving him but he eventually wakes up. Episode He gets John to shoot him in the shoulder so he can keep his cover at Ultra and then is drugged by Jedikiah.

Episode Is captured by the Founder and nearly tortured, but is saved at the last moment. Episode Tries to kill Jedekiah and so he experiences the pain caused by trying to kill someone again. Feb 15, pm 42 notes.

Anonymous Asks:. Could you please do Stephen from the tomorrow people or Plue from Fairy tail or Bob from Bob's bugers. Thanks xx.

graceland whump

Feb 15, pm 1 note. Could you post a few whump profiles? I really love your blog and I literally check it all the time to see what you post and its been a while since you've posted any profiles.

I don't mean to sound annoying or anything but your blog is just freaking awesome and you're whump profiles are amazing!!

I hope you have a fantastic day!!! Feb 15, pm 0 notes. Jan 1, am 3 notes. Thomas shoots Christian with his BB gun on accident. Read More for whumpsadaisy! This is so amazing!!!! Thank you so much!!! Dec 25, pm lying-hyperion-jackass 28 notes. Dec 24, am 3 notes. I've recently sworn off whump for personal reasons. But over the months I'd been invested in it for, I compiled a list of generalised scenes of whump. Maybe you can use it for the page? Hope you get some joy out of it.

There's a lot to process so I'll be sending it in two dumps. Dec 12, pm 13 notes. Dec 5, pm whumpsadaisy 10 notes.This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website and you agree to our Privacy Policy. Plan your ultimate trip to Graceland with our Plan Your Visit tool.

View tours, options, and much more in order to create an experience fit for the king himself! Memphis, TN The safety of our guests and associates are our priority. You've heard the music, now see the place Elvis called home. Explore the beautiful mansion, walk the gardens where he found peace, tour the aircraft that he traveled on from show to show, and encounter Elvis Presley's Memphis entertainment complex for an unforgettable experience featuring legendary costumes, artifacts, and personal mementos from Elvis and his family.

Explore the personal side of Elvis Presley with an interactive iPad tour of Graceland Mansion, hosted by John Stamos and featuring commentary and stories by Elvis and his daughter, Lisa Marie. The Lisa Marie includes a living room, conference room, private bedroom and features gold-plated seatbelts, leather-covered tables, and karat gold-flecked sinks.

Plan your wedding at The Chapel in the Woods, with its grand ceiling, picturesque windows and the beautiful woods -- just steps away from The Guest House! Social distancing at its best! We will continue to closely monitor federal, state and local guidelines to TCB so that all you have to worry about is having a great time!

If you are in need of a specific tour time for your visit, advanced ticket purchase is encouraged. Tickets are also available for purchase at the Graceland Ticket Office upon arrival.

graceland whump

I Accept. Make Plans Now. Memphis, TN See a Graceland property map. Due to reduced tour capacity and to avoid ticketing lines, guests are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance of their visit. Come experience Graceland now like never before. See What's Happening At Graceland. Chapel in the Woods Plan your wedding at The Chapel in the Woods, with its grand ceiling, picturesque windows and the beautiful woods -- just steps away from The Guest House!

Graceland News. Elvis Week Announcement ThursdayJuly 16Thank you for your tremendous patience as we navigate Elvis Week planning during these unprecedented times. It was our hope that we could safely host a full and robust Elvis Week, with minor changes Submissions came in from all over the world: Canada, France, Br Buy Tickets.Keep reading.

Are people writing Graceland fan fiction anymore. I want to read something new and fresh and based on the first season so young and innocent Mike. There needs to be fluff and whump, story mainly based around Mike but featuring all the housemates.

What do you recommend? Mike was intrigued to know who the girlfriend was. He pictured how the girl would look which was near Bello age and very strict. Mike arrives at Bello house seeing Bello standing by the door. A beautiful young woman appeared in a pair of black jeans and an off shoulder sweater. She had long brown hair that reached to her butt and beautiful dark skin. Her heels clicked which every step she took to reach to Mike and Bello.

Mike couldnt believe that this woman was Bello girlfriend. They looked at each other for a moment just staring. Bello gave the two a soft smile before leaving to his office. She was on her phone texting and giggling. Mike glanced at her and was so shocked at the woman. She seemed out of Bello league or anyones league.

The girl noticed that and laughed off at how loyal he was. Imagine : Being a close friend of Mike Warren and assisting him on a case, before ultimately being targeted by the suspect and shot in your own home where Mike happens to find you after wanting to do a follow up question. To go walk on the beach? He noticed a box by his feet with decorations. The two started fixing her front porch as they laughed.

She turns to him and walks over.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Are passing up the chance to stay here and get drunk? To go walk on the beach? This is how she officially enters in the team's hearts. Their lives were ripped apart and thrown across Graceland. Being forced to stick together, they learn to survive and rebuild, but overtime secrets are brought to light and decisions have to be made.

Years later, with their lives changed and old and new threats surrounding them, they need to pull through to finally be free of everything they've done. Mike and Bex have been at their new assignments for a few months now. Mike is looking at things far out of his normal range of cases while Bex is facing a demon that has haunted her past for ten years now.

Will both of them be able to close their cases? After Bello attacks Mike in the prison, the entire house comes to together to look after him. Originally posted inrewritten and reposted in Instead, he takes a step back and gives Eddie a slow nod. He hands Eddie the gun. An alternate ending to the episode Pizza Box in which Bello decides to put his trust in Eddie, which means Eddie can dispose of Mike as he wishes.

The tactical team waiting nearby gets to them before Eddie can kill Mike but not before he makes the saying an eye for an eye quite literal. When Bello spots him and attacks him in prison, Mike is a little worse for wear. With his stitches pulled out, Charlie takes him to the hospital before they go back to Graceland. Mike, in all his painkiller-induced loopiness, is adorable.

The Graceland family takes advantage of the situation to get some blackmail. It doesn't make any sense. Except it does. And, okay, let's be honest, Manny Montana is the only reason this fic exists. Johnny goes undercover to take down the Solano but as he tried to ply Carlitos feeling to his advantage things backfire when it comes to love the man. Is he willing to comprise everything his job, friends, and family all for a few fleeting moments with Carltio.

Or will the Solano Cartel kill him the moment that Carlitos father finds out the truth? After Mike finds out Johnny is alive, and after Briggs leaves the evidence room, the two of them get a chance to talk, and Mike gets to process a loss that hadn't actually happened.

A few months after the events of the show- Mike has reevaluated his life and moved back east to DC. Looking back he realizes where everything started to go downhill. He never should have let that wonderful brunette walk out the door of Graceland.Immediately thrown into his first undercover assignment, he relies heavily on the guidance of legendary FBI agent and mentor Paul Briggs.

What he doesn't have in life experience he makes up for in smarts, which he'll need to fulfill his secret mission at Graceland, one that will put him at odds with his roommates: he is there to investigate Briggs. At the end of Season 1, Mike is transferred back to the east coast after the FBI considers his assignment to be a success.

He is seen having flashbacks about Graceland, indicating that he misses the other agents. He talks on the phone with Briggs. The call ends with them talking about a possible vacation.

The bus lines, connected to the Solano cartel, lead to a human trafficking ring. He and Paige Arkin infiltrate it, Paige as a girl and Mike as a buyer. Additionally, it is discovered that the Solano's have an L. When one of the girls in the ring is killed, Mike burns her body and covers up the murder so that the investigation can continue and their connection to the Solano cartel can remain intact.

When Paige discovers this, she sets up a raid of the compound to free the girls and Sid almost kills Mike. Later, Sid discovers that Paige, Briggs who had been undercover as a fellow copand Mike are all agents who work together. Sid and the other dirty cops attack the Solano home and Sid frames it so that he is the only survivor and it appears Mike was the gunman. Mike discovers this and is shot by Sid, and during the surgery to remove the bullet his lung collapses and he has lead poisoning.

Because of Mike's coverup of Lina's murder, Paige tells Sid where he can find Mike, and Sid goes to Mike's hospital room and kills him. In the beginning of Season 3 it is revealed that Mike was medically dead for six minutes before being resuscitated by the hospital staff. He believes that he saw something while dead: forty-seven red birds, a clock whose hands make a 'V' shape, and a forest.

He becomes obsessed with these things and is convinced that they mean something, much to the frustration of his housemates.

Mike also becomes addicted to prescription painkillers and then oxycontin after leaving the hospital. He reaches his breaking point after accidentally shooting Gusti and stealing the one of the morphine injections given to him. He asks Paul for help with detoxification. Once he is clean, he begins to suspect Paul of being the person who gave Gusti the sarin gas Mike was investigating, and Mike begins investigating Paul on his own.

He and Paige figure out that it was in fact Briggs, and later discover that it was an empty canister, not actual sarin gas. Charlie gives Mike his nickname, Leviafter his first bust in which he sells "8 yards of indoor carpet" codename for drugs to Felix Arroyo in exchange for a trailer full of 12, pairs of counterfeit jeans. On Graceland: Undercover, an interactive website with backstories for each of the agents, it is revealed that Mike was abused as a child by his alcoholic father.

He was given a gun by his mother's father for protection, which he eventually learned to use with near perfect precision. The first time Mike meets a woman, he tells her that he is a golfer trying to make it on the PGA tour, but is making ends meet by teaching privately. Unfortunately, that woman's father was a golfer. They are great friends and have a brotherly relationship.

Johnny cares for Mike even though he's being a bit sarcastic or silly. Mike even cried when he thought Johnny was dead.

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