Plastic speaker cone repair

Speaker cones can be damaged in many ways. Often they are bumped by people or furniture while being moved and this leads to tears or cracks in the cone. Some cracks develop simply because the speaker is old and brittle.

Repairing your own speaker cones can save money. The cone is made from stiff paper or light cardboard, so it is easily fixed with items that you can find around the home. Unscrew and take the woofer out of the speaker box. Disconnect the wires and measure the tear or crack. Cut out a piece of the construction paper to fit over the crack.

Use a color of paper that is similar to the cone color to make the repair appear seamless. Try not to make the patch much bigger than the crack as a larger patch can compromise the integrity of the cone as well as affect the sound. Using the small paintbrush, dab a small amount of the adhesive onto the tear edges and place the paper patch on top of it.

Hold in place for two minutes. Paint a thin coat of the rubber cement around the edges of the paper and allow it to dry.

plastic speaker cone repair

Make sure you cover the whole tear so there are no gaps. Turn the woofer over and paint a coat of adhesive over the backside inside of the crack. Allow this to completely dry before testing the speaker with sound. If the crack is thin and small, you can just stick the edges together with the rubber cement, without using a patch.

This is a temporary job because a cracked woofer is probably old and will develop more cracks over time. A crack or tear means that the integrity of the cone is impaired and air will not move around it as designed. If you continue to use a cracked speaker, the crack will get bigger and the surrounding card more stressed.Login or Sign Up.

Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Poly cone repair? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I have a 12" poly plastic cone woofer. A mic stand fell over and hit the cone, at first it looked fine, there was no dent or visible marring of any kind.

Then after closer inspection I found out that the cone split very cleanly. The split doesn't go all the way up or down, it stops before the surround and before the dust cap but its most of the length of the cone. Can this be repaired? Could I just put a bit of superglue along the crack and call it good? Will the weight of the super glue throw the thing out of whack?

Tags: None. Re: Poly cone repair? Comment Post Cancel. I've not had to repair a split poly.


But I'd try "SG" first. The weight will be insignificant. Didn't figure a gram or so added to one side of a 12" cone would be significant.

Then again I'm sometimes wrong about things, so I figured I'd try to tap into someone's first hand experience. I'm guessing the SG fix would be almost unmeasurable.

Originally posted by Sydney View Post. Hrm, I figured superglue would work because it tends to have a melting effect on plastic and would hopefully fuse the cone pieces back together. I could also try something else like epoxy or fiberglass resin. But I also hate to throw away stuff for no reason, I was thinking of eventually trying to use them as the bottom of a made out of junk I had laying around 3 way.

I guess whatever I end up doing I'll post results for future generations. It is the duct tape of glues. All rights reserved.

Yes No. OK Cancel.When this happens, the drive unit can buzz or crackle when sounds are being reproduced. It is a most unpleasant sound. The buzz or grating sound is caused by the small fragments of cone around the hole vibrating.

A further issue is that if the speaker is used with an enclosure, the hole will cause loss of pressure and cause the backward wave to emanate from the front causing cancellation.

Speaker Repair Kits

This will change the sound from the overall speaker system. When this happens the speaker needs replacing or repairing.

Sometimes it can be possible to obtain and fit replacement cones. If no other method is available one last ditch method to save and repair the loudspeaker that has worked well in the past uses a small patch.

Most speaker cones are made of paper, and so a repair using some tissue paper works well. It may also be suitable for other materials, but assess the break and material to find a suitable alternative if necessary. Take the tissue paper and cut it so that it covers the hole, with a small overlap around the hole.

The tissue paper is sufficiently light that it should not affect the operation of the speaker unduly. It may be worth testing the tissue paper and the glue together first to make sure that the tissue paper does not shrink - this could distort the cone.

This tissue paper can be glued to patch the hole. Make sure all the tissue paper has glue and that there are no lose edges otherwise these could create a buzz.

If possible repeat the process on the under-side of the cone if it is accessible so that the repair is secured from both sides.

Use a flexible glue and then the rigidity of the cone will not be affected too much. Also use the minimum glue consistent with creating a firm bond, otherwise the mass of the cone will be altered and its performance changed.

How to Repair Speaker at Home

Speaker cone repair Sometimes it can be possible to obtain and fit replacement cones. Leave the loudspeaker until all is dry and the test it out. Return to Speaker Repairs. Supplier Directory For everything from distribution to test equipment, components and more, our directory covers it. Selected Video Oscilloscope Types.

plastic speaker cone repair

Featured articles.Click here if you don't know which speaker repair kit you need. Note: a repair kit will repair one speaker; for a pair of speakers, order two repair kits and receive a quantity discount!

I would like to tell you how pleased I am that your company provides the service and information that you do. Each and every component that I have purchased from you was exactly as stated and was exactly what I needed and it was offered at a fair and reasonable price. Thank you for being there and for being a reputable resource. It is unfortunate that there are so many companies and web sites attempting to price gouge consumers for speaker surrounds over the internet, but your company is definitely not one of them.

Congratulation on your success and please continue your noble efforts.

How to Repair a Cracked Speaker Cone

Best Regards! I ordered this repair-kit from Speakerworks.

plastic speaker cone repair

After a short study over internet, I found Speakerworks to be the cheapest but selling the same stuff as the other guys. Biggest difference was on the mailing cost, good for you. Thanks for good service and for a good product! Thanks you for a good product and price. My 3rd order so far. Happy Great Value November 26, Reviewer : Oregon Ross from Tillamook Prompt delivery - product and instructions were great - speakers are 30 years old and now sound like new.

Feels good to repair rather than replace and the world needs more of this. Bring em back alive!! September 27, Reviewer : Trav from WaddyKy. The thought of trashing my set of 25 yr old home made speakers had already brought me to tears, till by chance I heard of " Speakerworks" etc.

My 'bucks' were as low as my moral, so I took a chance and ordered a foam surround repair kit for cheap.Log in or Sign up. Advertisement pink fish media. I get them, not the intended recipient. I get a lot of them and I do not want them! It is just a notification, log into the site and reply from there. This is just delete by another name. Discussions: 29, Messages:Discussions: 4, Messages: 81, Latest: Tonearm up-grade to fit Linn arm board?

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How to Repair a Speaker Cone: loudspeaker cone repair

Discussions: Messages: 1, Ron EllisOct 9, at PM. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?I got inspired to make this indestructible a couple of days ago when I stumbled across a set of really nice set of audiobahn subwoofers at a yard sale.

The only problem was that the speaker cones were badly cracked from the previous owner pushing to many watts through them. I bought them, took them home, and discovered a cool trick to fixing the cracks which you are about to learn about. Don't blame me if you break your broken speaker cones lol. This wont properly work on metal or plastic cones.

This fix will likely not make your speakers sound better than they did before they cracked. It should however sound better than they did when they were cracked. Here is what you will need to fix your speaker.

Elmer's glue, gorilla glue this stuff also works great for fixing cracks in speaker dust coversor another type of semi flexible wood glue A regular coffee filter. A paint brush. I recommend a semi stiff bristled brush as it helps to rub the glue into the speaker cone Scissors A plate and last but not least a broken speaker Your first step is to water down the glue so it will properly soak into the speaker cone. Mix the glue with one part water to three parts glue. I wouldn't recommend adding any more water as it could cause the glue not to stick or make the speaker cone all soggy.

Start by filling in the crack with glue and letting it dry. Depending on how badly cracked your cone is it might take several applications.

Remember to get both sides top and bottom of the cone filled with glue. Next take a piece of the coffee filter and cut it to size so that it covers about a quarter inch to a half inch on every side of the crack. Try and tear the coffee paper whenever possible instead of cutting it. This helps the fiber bond to the cone better and prevent the edges of the patch from peeling up over time.

Apply a relatively liberal amount of glue to the top and bottom of the patch patch as well as the cone it's self. Once your done it may be a good idea to go back around and put some more glue around the edges of the patch to keep it stuck down. You can now let the glue dry. Genially you sould only need one layer of the coffee filter patch but in high wattage applications like large subs I recommend adding a second layer of the patch for safety.

The final step is to paint the patch. This is pretty straight forward. That wasn't so hard now go try it your self if you haven't already. Leave a comment or question below about how it goes. Question 6 months ago. Question 1 year ago on Introduction. Thank you so much for this. One of our Mission speakers started buzzing and vibrating, especially on bass lines. It ruined all our music and my husband was looking at getting new speakers.Back To Table Of ContentsJust before April 2012, after years of Google doing little to combat this type of off-page SEO at scale, even an inexperienced link builder could make just about anything rank in Google, for anything, without much consequence.

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plastic speaker cone repair

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